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We are proud to provide a wide assortment of classes all year long to our life-long learners through Community Education and to students in the tri-city area and beyond!



In the summer, we are proud to have our award-winning

Ohlone for Kids and Teens Summer Enrichment Program

Most of our students come from the Fremont, New Haven, and Newark Unified School Districits, and we are also excited that students travel from Hayward, Pleasanton, Milpitas, and even internationally to take part in our creative, engaging, and dynamic enrichment classes. Students can expect fun art and culture classes, as well as our vigourous test preparation classes, and great STEM offerings to expose them to new and thrilling topics.

Registration for Summer 2018 will begin

on April 16th at 9am!

Click here for a class searchable Excel!

 <--- Download Ohlone For Kids and Teens 2018 Catalog

*Summer classes are now available to view on Augusoft! As you find your classes online, remember to write down the 5 digit Class ID that is associated with the class to expediate checkout. 


Is your child(s) taking class(es) in Session 3?
Below are important documents to review.


*Mission San Jose Campus Map               * Fremont Class List, Session 3           

Other important documents. 

    * Walk Home Form                                   *Student Information Form             *Student Schedule Template

*Please Note Changes To The Following Classes:

  • Physics Fun, Chemistry Fizz: All That Bubbles And Fizzes-2B (Gr 4-6)(Fremont) --> CANCELLED (4.3.2018)
  • Garden To Plate (Gr 6-8)(Newark) --> INCORRECT TUITION (4.5.2018)
  • Game Design With MIT APP Inventor-1B (Gr 6-8)(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.3.2018)
  • Adventures In Coding- 1C (Gr 5-7)(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.3.2018)
  • Tinker Studio- 1D (Gr 5-8)(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.3.2018)
  • Circuit Playground- 1A (Gr 6-8)(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.3.2018)
  • Circuit Playground- 2A (Gr 6-8)(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.3.2018)
  • Game Design With MIT APP Inventor-2B(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.3.2018)
  • Hindi: An Ancient Language (Gr 4-8) --> CANCELLED (5.21.2018)
  • Beginner Chess- 1A (Gr 4-6)(Fremont) --> CANCELLED (5.21.2018)
  • Beginner Chess- 1C (Gr 4-6)(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.21.2018)
  • Intermediate Chess- 1D (Gr 4-6)(Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.21.2018)
  • Beginner Chess- 1A (Gr 4-6)(Fremont) --> CANCELLED (5.21.2018)
  • Planetary Science-2A (Gr 4-6) (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (5.23.2018)
  • Little Medical School-3A (Gr 4-6) (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (5.23.2018)
  • Tinkering With Chemistry-1A (Gr 4-6) (Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.23.2018)
  • Sports/Wilderness Medicine-2A (Gr 4-6) (Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.23.2018)
  • Everyone Loves A Mystery-2C (Gr 6-8) (Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.23.2018)
  • Comprehensive ACT Preparations-2C+D (Gr 10-12) (Newark) --> CANCELLED (5.23.2018)
  • Energy Galore- 2C (Newark) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Lightning Algebra part 1- 1D (Newark) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Science Career For Kids - 2C (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Mandala Magic- 2D (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • LEGO Robotics EV3: The Deep Space Terraformers- 3C (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Comprehensive ACT Prep- 3A+B (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Economics For Kids- 1D (Newark) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Presentation Skills- 2A (Newark) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Mandarin For Beginners (Freont) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Intermediate Mandarin (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (6.4.2018)
  • Micro Drone Camp- 1D (Newark) --> CANCELLED (6.11.2018)
  • Harry Potters In Foldables- 3A (Fremont) --> CANCELLED (7.3.2018)



Sign in: access an existing profile or create a new student/household profile
**Note: If you will be enrolling more than one child, we recommend creating a household profile.
through course offerings by category or use keywords in search box
Register: once you have found your classes, simply add them to your cart and proceed through checkout

Click here for a registration tutorial guide.

**As of April 19, 2018, Ohlone For Kids had a website change. We will be updating our Regsitration Tutorial to reflect our website. 




  • illustration and Watercolor - A new drawing class

  • Web Design: Javascript  -  A new coding class

  • Introduction To Java Programming - A new coding class

  • Little Veterinarin School - A new medical/medicine class

  • Harry Potters in Foldables  - A new reading comprehension class

  • Garden To Plate - A new cooking class




 Community Education classes focus on creating an enhanced learning experience by providing each student with the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual, based on your specific interest. 

Our goal is to provide a wide range of programs to meet community needs and interests. We aim to enhance and promote lifelong learning courses geared towards personal enrichment, professional development, skills development, and recreational enjoyment.

Community Education classes are designed to meet the not-for-credit, continuing education needs of the individuals in the Tri-Cities area.





Office Hours-- Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Summer Office Hours-- Mon-Thurs: 8:00 AM - 4PM
Ohlone College Fremont Campus,
Bld. 4 Rm 4203
Community Education
Phone: (510) 979- 7590
Ohlone for Kids and Teens
Phone: (510) 979- 7597

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